Ok so maybe i’m a bit late with the whole ‘wearing pyjama’s outside of the bedroom’ fashion trend. But better late than never ay? Whilst on my weekly cardio workout (aka walking around the massive Topshop in Oxford Circus) this silk wrap dress caught my eye. I just thought it had such a lovely elegant print and I honestly didn’t notice that it resembled a night gown until I wore it out! Such a sophisticated dress deserved an outing to an upmarket neighbourhood in London, so of course it was perfect for a trip to Notting Hill. My husband and I did a stroll around Portobello market then our usual dream house hunting!. There are so many gorgeous houses in Notting hill, some all white… some colourful. To be honest, I really wouldn’t mind living in any of them. Hopefully the interiors looks as good as the exteriors. Anyways, that’s when my husband pointed out that it looked like I had walked out of the house in my night gown. Yeah… I felt a little bit cheeky, but it made it all the more fun to prance around in. I definitely see the appeal now of going outside in some silky PJs! Although i wish i could say my PJs looked this good. ;p


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