“Do I look like i’m trying to be Barbie?”, “Will people take me seriously?”, “Will I look too cute?”
Those are but a few thoughts that run through my mind when I think about wearing pink. Without sounding like i’m tooting my own horn, my whole life I have been told that I look really young for my age (I’m 68 years old, did you guess right?) So most of my life i’ve tried to distance myself from anything that would make me look any younger! I deemed pink clothing too cute for me and have kept this distant relationship up for sometime now.But I truly know those are all silly reasons to avoid the colour. So recently I’ve have made a conscience effort to embrace the pretty colour and couldn’t have chosen a better time than this spring season.

Look 1
Pull & Bear striped shirt, Topshop jeans similar hereMuji sneakers

Look 2
Topshop Pink overcoat, Gap black skinny jeans, Office mules, Zara handbag

Look 3
Zara pink jeans, Muji sneakers

I never thought pink was a daring colour until I was wearing it. I’ll admit I was constantly conscience whilst out and about. I’m so comfortable wearing my neutral, minimal colours. But like i keep saying its nice to get out of your comfort zone every now and again.

So have I encouraged you to think of Pink?

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