Ciao bellas! So to celebrate John and mines birthday last month, we decided to take a short trip to the historical and fashionable city of Milan. Neither of us had been before and it had been on my radar for a while… although admittedly we booked it mainly because of the cheap airfare! Our first ever trip together was actually to Rome many years ago which we loved and have since been excited to explore more of what Italy has to offer. With it’s contrasting neighbourhoods; modern and traditional, Milan is full of character and charm. Its perfect for a
weekend getaway. Although do note that it isn’t the romanticised Italy that we’re all so used to seeing in the movies. However if you can find a great deal or you’re passing through on your way to another destination then it’s well worth exploring. We also managed to squeeze in a day at breathtakingly beautiful Lake Como. Only an hours train ride away from Milan, I can’t recommend it enough. Our time in the picturesque towns of Varenna and Bellagio were far too short and have got me wanting to book a return trip asap! Keep reading to see if Milan tempts you..



Must Sees in Milan!


  • The Duomo Cathedral Obviously at the top of the list would be the gigantic cathedral that took nearly six centuries to build! Just make sure to get here early around 8am or book your tickets online as the line gets ridiculously long.
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Right next to the Duomo is Italy’s oldest shopping mall. From the mosaic floor to the stunning stained glass windows adorning a huge domed roof, it’s just a stunning sight. Again visit really early if you can, to truly appreciate just how beautiful it is minus the crowds.
  • Navigli District I was excited to visit the Navigli canals only because da Vinci had a hand in designing it! But it’s one to miss if you’re short on time though as it’s only really worth going if you’re visiting the antique/vintage market that happens on the last Sunday of each month.
  • Pinacoteca di Brera This gallery is often overlooked. It was so peaceful when we took a stroll through the grounds of this gorgeous place that has a courtyard lined with beautiful stone columns.
  • The streets of Milan From the stylish Brera district to Centrale station, Milan has many neighbourhoods full of charm and character. I couldn’t get enough of the old buildings that looked like you’ve jumped straight into a movie set, especially with the cool yellow trams whizzing by. Although the metro is super easy to navigate the city on, I urge you to walk around as much as you can because the city is full of secret gems! We discovered many secret little gardens!
  • Last Supper by da Vinci Sadly we didn’t get a chance to visit because you have to book tickets months in advance. But I guess this would be the Mona Lisa of Italy, so if you’re an art buff then most definitely book early!


Lake Como
I’m trying to put into words just how breathtakingly beautiful I found Lake Como to be. We visited Varenna and Bellagio for the day and I really, really did not want to leave. There are many beautiful towns dotted around the banks of the lake so be sure to do you research before you come, to see which ones are right for you. The ones we chose were smack dab in the middle of the lake which has the best views of the mountains where the river splits into three channels. But I couldn’t help but think that this would be the absolute perfect romantic getaway and said to John that it would have been the perfect spot to propose. Town-hopping is made easy because of the ferries shuttling people across the lake, and what a treat it is to ride them with the insane panoramic views. There is a reason why celebrities spend a
fortune on these lakeside holiday homes here, it is truly a paradise!
When taking the train from Milan Centrale station to Varenna, sit on the left hand side to get great views of the lake and passing villages. And when taking the ferries don’t rush on to get a seat inside like so many do, instead stand on the deck and enjoy the breeze and stunning scenery. Oh and get there early! We left the house at 5am and got there for 6:30am; just before the waves of crowds came in at 8am.
We had lunch at Restaurant Antichi Sapori in Bellagio which was very affordable and had the best carbonara we’ve ever tasted. And do take a comfy pair of walking shoes as there are lots of steep hills, narrow stairs and sloped roads that hide many cute shops and cafes!

F O O D !
You have got to indulge! Pizza, gelato, cannolis, pasta, need I say more?

I mean you’ll burn it off with all the exploring right? ;p

Till next time arrivederci!

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