On the Road in Valencia, Spain

To be honest Valencia was not on my travel radar until I came across photos of the city of arts and sciences. I was immediately excited and knew we had to visit. When I’m researching travel destinations one of the most important factors I look for is the architecture. Is there places to see? Me and my husband are the complete opposite of beach bums. Every trip we’ve ever taken has been packed full of things to do. Walking for hours, trying to see everything we possibly can, nope no sleeping til noon then! I know this doesn’t sound like a holiday to most but we get bored easily and want to do things while we’re fairly young and have energy. Thinking about it I guess we have a hard time ‘switching off’ and relaxing perhaps because we’re from the city?

We chose to go for 3 days and I think thats the perfect amount of time to see Valencia. Obviously if you’re going for the beach then perhaps more. We stayed in the most instagramable airbnb (see photos, OMG the ladder right!) located in the Ruzafa district, which apparently used to be quite a dangerous neighbourhood and one to avoid. But just like places here in London aka Shoreditch,

Hackney, Brixton, over the last decade it has become thee place to be for creative types.

Like I mentioned, we like to walk a lot and found Valencia easy to get around by foot. The only time we used the metro system was to get from the airport to the city centre (25mins each way) and also to get to the beach (30mins). There are buses, trams and plenty of places to rent bicycles which we would have done I think if we stayed an extra day. Do buy the travel card from the kiosk at the airport which is located just before you take the escalator down to the metro. The lady there was so helpful and gave us maps and explained the different passes available. Even though there were 3 of us we only had to purchase one pass that we all could share (just tap and then pass it back)

The city of arts and sciences felt like a city a million miles away from the rest of Valencia. We were all blown away. It was like stepping into a sci-fi movie set. We originally planned to spend half a day here but ended up spending the whole day as we didn’t want to leave! The architecture is beyond amazing and with so many different buildings, staircases, and bridges connecting each intricate structure, it was overwhelming to say the least. It was truly a photographer’s dream. Check out the full editorial in collaboration with ohw? shoes here


Even though Valencia is the 3rd biggest city in Spain, it really didn’t feel busy at all. Compared to Barcelona its much calmer. I cant remember there being any crowds of tourists, which was great making it easy for us to take a gizzilion photos. It has a relaxed vibe even when walking through the city centre. Palm trees and also orange trees line the old streets. Taking our time admiring colourful buildings littered with cute balconys, similar to those in Rome and Barcelona.
We were bummed we didn’t get a chance to see the central market as it is one of the top things to see in Valencia but just means we have to return!

We left the beach till our last night and I’m glad we did because it meant we could chill and reminisce on our trip. There is something about being by the sea that feeling of peace is incomparable. The beach itself is beautiful and stretched out further then we cared to walk. Im sure if you’re planning to visit, even in the summer months you could easily find a quiet spot for yourself. We finally had a chance to taste Valencian style Paella from the seafront restaurant La Pepica. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend, as it was overpriced and a bit bland for our taste buds. So another thing to come back for!





All in all I had a lovely time in Valencia. There is something for everyone whether you want a weekend to lay on a quiet beach or like us, enjoy the architecture. Flights are very affordable from London with Ryanair and if you want to stay in the same airbnb as we did you can find it here

*tip- Do find out opening and closing times for everything! Most restaurants close during the afternoon same for the market and cathedral.

Try the fruit, seriously so delicious and inexpensive from supermarkets!!

Hope you’re enjoying my travel experiences, look out for much more to come!



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