It’s been just over two months since I returned from Tokyo but I’m already planning our next trip back! We’ve gone back every year since our honeymoon back in 2015. But why? What’s so great about Tokyo? You wouldn’t be asking those questions if you’ve travelled there before. So this is for those of you wondering if you should spend your hard earned money flying to the land of the rising sun.


 Tokyoites have a great reputation for being very polite and I can confirm it is 100% true. I personally love how un-judged i feel when I’m there. I do feel self conscious

even walking around my own city of London sometimes. Whether I’m walking down the street or getting on a train, people will stare. And no, not because I think i’m all that! But because thats just the culture here. I feel this is the opposite in Tokyo. Even being a tourist, I have never felt as if eyes were on me. It’s totally freeing and gives me the confidence to wear whatever I feel like or even do my makeup and hair differently and just have fun. I  do find this very amusing considering nearly 99% of people who live in Japan are Japanese! But just like other major cities, there are many, MANY fashionable and somewhat questionable subcultures… cosplay anyone?




From karaoke, arcades, manga to the cute noises you’ll hear when a train arrives on a platform, Tokyo encourages the inner child in you to come out and play. For one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, you’ll see an obscene amount of kawaii (cute in Japanese) things everywhere. You can really cut loose and live it up here. The amount of arcades is ridiculous by London standards! Not a gamer? There are countless bars, football pitches on rooftops, baseball batting cages that are open 24/7! “What are they doing?” John asked when we saw hundreds of business men and women in suits standing outside the train station in Akihabara – “Playing Pokemon” I joked… Then we both realised – yep! they are actually playing Pokemon go! There’s actually no shame in geeking out here, even if you’re 60 years old. And don’t get me started on Tokyo DisneySea and Disneyland… The best place everrrr!



So obviously we all know that nowhere in this current world we’re living in is 100% safe. But Tokyo is named one of the safest places in the world for a reason. I kid you not! We’ve seen so many times, people leaving their handbags, laptops, phones on a chair/ table and leave for the toilet…! Can you imagine leaving your iPhone on a McDonalds table in London? I’ve never felt threatened or worried about my safety there and feel confident walking around by myself no matter what time of day. I don’t think i’ll ever get used to seeing children that look as young as 5 years old in their school uniforms, getting the bus or train all by themselves! It’s completely unheard of in London.

But of course I recommend you always have your street smarts/ wits switched on as you just never know.


One of my first thoughts, when we decided to honeymoon in Tokyo was ‘what am I going to eat?’ Would I be starving because I don’t like sushi or ramen? If this is  even a slight concern for you, please let me assure that this should not be taking up space in your mind at all! Tokyo is all about choice. Yes, Japanese are known for great seafood but its like saying the only choice we have for food in the UK is a roast dinner! Some of the best burgers i’ve tried are from Tokyo! There are countless bakeries everywhere and if you feel like a cheeky kebab? Theres surprisingly plenty of options! Trust me, food will not be an issue… well maybe just for your weight gain haha. But don’t limit yourself, push yourself to at least try things. I did and I discovered that I actually do like certain types of sushi and ramen. Sorry, I also forgot to mention that to eat out is so much cheaper than it is in London. I’ve got quite a few recommendations on what to try that I will do a separate post for you guys – so keep posted!


So have I encouraged you to put it on your travel list? Still need more info? Check out my top 10 things to do in Tokyo – click here! And as usual – don’t be shy to reach out! I would love to share more Tokyo tips with you!


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