Ok so I haven’t travelled the world (yet!) but for now my husband and I call Tokyo our favourite place to travel to. We actually chose to go for our honeymoon in 2015 and really fell in love with this beautiful city. Like lovesick puppies we couldn’t resist for long and returned for our first year wedding anniversary!

Whenever you mention Tokyo to someone who hasn’t travelled there, they will for sure respond with the dreaded word “expensive”. I’m certain this is one of the main reasons people put of visiting but can I share a secret.. actually its not! Well like most things it can be if you want it to be.

So why is it our favourite place? For soo many reasons and heres a few…





1. Disney Sea

Yes I know how Disney sea looks as No1 on our list but don’t run away just yet, hear me out! We are by no means Disney fanatics and only went at the end of our trip because we had a bit of money left over and neither of us had been to disneyland before (our parents were cruel haha) but thank God that we did because it was the highlight of our trip and such an unforgettable, magical experience. After we visited we discovered Disney Sea is actually voted the No1 Disney park in the world! If you have the money (£56 adult day fee) then do go we promise you will not regret it. Our only regret was not being able to spend more time here!

*tips: buy your tickets from a Disney store and get there before the park opens because to say it gets busy is a massive understatement! Go on a weekday and do try the popcorn, trust us we laughed at the long lines of people queuing for popcorn but when we tried it we understood why! Flavours include soy sauce, curry, whose chocolate and our fav caramel.






2. Senso- Ji Temple, Asakusa

I’m sure you will see your fair share of temples and shrines when you visit Japan but do make it a priority to visit this one. If you can visit early morning before 7am or after 7pm you can have it all to yourself and get some great pics. Or on Sundays there are street food stalls that served some of the best food we tasted! Do take a day out to explore the surrounding area of Asakusa, which happens to be our favourite place to stay in Tokyo.


3.Shibuya Crossing

Of course this has got to be on everyones list, the iconic set of crossings that you must have seen countless times when researching Tokyo or if you watch any movie set in Tokyo. It is as busy as everyone says but why not grab some ice cream if its hot or some hot cocoa if its cold and find a corner to sit and watch the congested yet organised crossing and the many photographer trying to get a good shot!





4. Harajuku

Harajuku known for decora style, Lolita girls and everything kawaii. Do try the famous Harajuku crepes from Santa Monica crepes and see how long it takes to decide on which filling, because theres like a gazzilion! And don’t leave without checking out the Kawaii monster cafe, guaranteed to be like no cafe you’ve ever been to!

5. Akihabara

Thee ultimate place for tech geeks and anime lovers. There are countless shops, arcades, themed restaurant’s and  of course famous maid cafes here. So get some rest before you come here because your eyes will stretch, your mind will be blown and your feet will hurt from the 1000s upon 1000s of shops there are. Do make sure you try the taiyaki it was one of the best we’ve tasted (pancake with different flavour fillings)







6. Yoyogi Park

Tokyo is such a nonstop busy city, that at times can feel congested and loud which can take its toll, especially if you are holidaying and want time to breathe. But you don’t have to travel far to find peace. Situated in the heart of the city and only a short walk away from Harajuku you will find this huge park with secret gardens where you can get back to nature and listen to nothing but the birds in the trees.

7. Ginza

High end shopping district with endless skyscrapers and fantastic food. If you’re coming to tokyo to shop and have the money then you will love Ginza.







8. Robot Restuarant

Ok so we know this is such a touristy thing to do and by no means does it show the beauty and tradition that Japan has to offer but it does show how wonderfully weird Tokyo is and is great fun. So don’t knock it until you try it! We guarantee it will leave you speechless while your mind tries to process what you just watched!

9. Sky tree

Still a fairly new build, sky tree is worth the visit, you will only need a few hours here max. There are shops and affordable fast food restaurants conveniently located inside the tower, so great for lunch plans or dinner perhaps?









10. Tokyo Tower

Personally we feel that this tower can be missed if you are pressed for time or you’re planning on seeing the Skytree but if you are a One Piece fan then this should be top of your list. Here you will find a One piece store, cafe & amusement park which yes we did visit since John is a superfan and was worth every yen! Also recommend coming late afternoon so you can see it lit up at night, too romantic


Now obviously these are all my personal opinions and I don’t expect you all to agree. Do make sure you research ALOT before you travel because there are tons of places to see in Tokyo.
Feel free to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to give any advice I can. Also look out for other travel post coming up!


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