O N    T H E    R O A D :    I N    V A L E N C I A ,    S P A I N

One of the main reasons I wanted to create this website was so I could share my travel adventures. Don’t get me wrong i’m a proud Londoner but I also love to travel. I’m blessed to have a husband that also shares this passion and we try to trot the globe as much as we can.

Having said all that, we are not the ‘backpacking’ type. Nope you will not find us staying in a hostel anytime soon! Nor are we luxury travellers (yet!) I think we fall in-between. We try to save money where we can and look for good deals so we can travel comfortably.

I’m hoping to travel a fair amount this year so be sure to follow my adventures here on the blog and on my instagram @sleepingtilnoon.

My first trip this year was to the beautiful city of Valencia in Spain (check out the post here and here) I felt super cute and stylish travelling with luggage from Eastpak x Paul & Joe collection. Seriously didn’t see anyone with better luggage!


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