We spent 3 whirlwind days in the vibrant city that is Hong Kong, which has left hubby and I wishing we had booked at least a few days longer. As a born and bred Londoner I was totally in awe by the city and it’s obvious western influences… since it was under British control from 1842 up until 1997. From the road signs and buses to even the street names, it was the epitome of that analogy; a home away from home. Its one of those rare travel

destinations in the world which has something for everyone. Whether you travel for food, culture, architecture, nightlife, or you’re a nature enthusiast; Hong Kong which actually consists of more than 200 islands has all of this to offer and so much more. Although our stay here was short we did manage to squeeze a lot into our itinerary. Here are my highlights from our first trip to the ‘Fragrant Harbour’ as it translates to.





Victoria Peak

This was at the top of my list of things to do here. I was so excited to see the view from one of the best vantage points in the city. Believe me; it did not disappoint. It made waking up early to get the first tram at 7am up the mountain totally worth it. I mean look at the photos, that skyline right!?

Mong Kok

You could spend countless hours wandering around this maze, sorry i mean shopping district. A street dedicated to selling just sneakers, a market just for ladies goods and my favourite Tung Choi Street aka ‘Goldfish street’. Its not just goldfish you’ll find here but also other pets like rabbits, dogs, cats and the cutest tiny turtles i’ve ever seen! The thousands of people, the abundance of neon signs, the traffic. You really have to give into the chaos and try to take it all in… ooh and don’t forget to barter!

Choi Hung Estate

A photographer/ instagrammers dream location. This estate is truly a treat for the eyes. Colourful buildings surrounding a basketball court with palm trees too. This is definitely unlike any of the council estates i’ve ever come across and visually tons better than the one i grew up on! We got here early morning – in time to witness the elderly residents practicing Wing Chun, it was a wonderful experience. After they finished we took a few pics… Ok who am i kidding… a ton of pics! Thats when it started to get busy. So get here early if you’re planning a visit.

Tim Ho Wan

I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘the world’s cheapest Michelin-star restaurant’, right?  No? Well Its actually a chain of dimsum restaurants with three of its branches in Hong Kong each receiving a star. Its also famous for its long queues so be prepared to wait just as we did. Our favourite dish on the menu was the pork buns.


Hi i’m Jenna and I’m a tea lover. I take my english breakfast tea with me wherever we travel to, otherwise I’ve learnt from experience that i turn into a witch hahaha… not kidding though! So when I discovered that Hong Kong has its own style of milk tea – I was eager to try. Lan Fong Yuen was highly recommended so we stopped there to satisfy my craving. I had it cold with ice because it was an unbearably hot day. It was perfect for me, just like english tea – apart from the condensed milk.

Custard tarts anyone?

Ok so confession, I’m not a tarty kind of girl in any aspect! But its one of John’s favourite desserts and he found the holy grail of custard tarts right here in Hong Kong across from our airbnb. You’ll find custards tarts everywhere in Hong Kong and they’re usually the biscuity ones. But if you like a more flaky tart, then you have to visit Honolulu cafe in Wan Chai (directions here). Even I enjoyed it!




Hong Kong Disneyland

The longest we had to wait for a ride here was 20 minutes… 20 minutes!! It meant we were able to enjoy everything the park had to offer at a leisurely pace. We usually have to be strategic when we go to a Disney park so this was unheard of for us. Our favourite aspect was Toy Story land – it was beautiful. But the castle needs to be a wee bit bigger! It’s way too small! I highly recommend even if your not as much a Disney fan as I am, as it’s a chance to see what it’s all about without the crazy crowds. I also think its great for families, I can’t imagine any other Disney Park being as quiet.


One to Miss – The Symphony of Lights

The world’s largest permanent light and sound show. The stage is Hong Kong City itself – involving over 40 buildings on either side of the harbour. Sounds amazing right? Well guess again. The view of the cityscape at night is well worth seeing but the ‘show’ itself isn’t anything spectacular. It is a daily performance so if you happen to be around the area around 8pm by all means check it out. Apparently on National holidays there are fireworks and it’s a sight not to be missed so do check the calendar before you visit.

Like I mentioned – we didn’t have enough time to see everything, but I know we’ll be back in the future to update you on more great things to do in HK. I really want to ride the trams aka ding dings, the Star Ferry, the Ngong Ping cable car and of course – try as many different types of local food as we possibly can. So watch this space for updates!


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