/ a GAP editorial


a GAP editorial

My husband is thee poster boy for double denim… and it doesn’t stop there… some days it’s triple or quadruple denim with blue socks and a blue bandana round his neck… (you can check him out here, here and here) It was all too much if you asked me back in the day. For years he has been trying to convince me denim on denim was a thing. I strongly objected because we grew up in the 90s where it was almost a serious fashion crime. I kept having flashes of that infamous Britney and Justin denim cowboy moment! Yuck! Plus getting good denim is an expensive obsession. But after a trip to the Gap store i guess i was swayed. For affordable denim ranging in a wide array of cuts and washes it’s a denim lovers dream! I was excited to stand by my hubby’s  side and wave that denim flag high up on a Shoreditch rooftop to create this editorial. Note to self take husbands advice… sometimes hehe 🙂



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