Like most kids growing up in a working class family, Disneyland was just a dream which I thought would never come true . When John pushed us to go to Tokyo Disney Sea last year, it was honestly one of the best days of my life!! Please believe me when I say I am not a mega Disney fan. Yes I grew up watching all of the movies and know most of the songs, but who doesn’t? Although my experience at Disney Sea was so amazing, I was actually hesitant when John suggested visiting Disneyland on our trip to Pais a few weeks ago. I assumed it wouldn’t be as magical. Was I right? Ermmm in short, yes! But it has its charms and here are a few…

Location –   It’s only a 35minute RER train ride away from the centre of Paris. You can buy your tickets using the machine in Gare Du Nord station. (The machines are in front of the entrance for the RER so follow the signs to the RER. Choose the english option, then theres a option that says something like tourist destinations, choose disneyland and add a return) Take the RER B line train to the next stop which is Châtelet Les Halles. When you get off, take 4 steps to the opposite side of the platform this is where your train will come BUT before boarding check the sign and make sure Marne-la-Vallée is lit up on the display board above you!

Price – We only paid £32  each online as there was a special offer, so be sure to check the website!

Sleeping Beauty’s castle –  So beautiful and did not fall short of provoking that nostalgic feeling. Be sure to check out the dragon that lives underneath the castle! Obviously tons of people are taking their photos in front of the castle but its great because there is an abundance of people to ask to take your photo. Don’t be shy to ask, I got asked at least 6 times! Probably because I was carrying my massive DSLR.

Food – There are so many restaurants to choose from, we kept it simple (aka didn’t want to spend a fortune) and had burgers with fries from Cafe Hyperion which were surprisingly pretty good. We also grabbed some hot dogs from Casey’s Corner whilst watching the fireworks before the park closed, which were also very decent. I was a wee bit disappointed that they only served sweet or salted popcorn because in Tokyo parks they serve many different tasty flavours. I was so excited to try the ice cream as I read somewhere that it was authentic Italian but it was actually Carte D’or ice cream… However do try the fantasia flavour which was yummy.

The Streets/ buildings – The sets were beyond amazing. The attention to detail is so spot on. This was by far my favourite aspect of visiting Disneyland. The signs (did you see the Dumbo sign in my slideshow?!) the window displays, even the lamps were extraordinary. My favourite place was ‘Main street’. This is where I grabbed a massive candy floss from the sweet shop which had so many other treats I should have tried.




The crowds – We visited on Tuesday 27th June and it was actually not too crowded at all. Don’t get me wrong it was busy but not overly so. We went on nearly every single ride and the longest we waited was 40minutes which was for the popular Peter Pan attraction. This is actually really good, if you’ve visited a park before you would know to expect waiting times upto 2 hours! This meant that we could stroll around, take many photos and we did not feel the same stress as we did in Tokyo, where we had to strategically plan our day! I recommend you book in ‘low seasons’ and get to the park as early as possible.

The rides– I was very disappointed that when we visited Pirates of the Caribbean and Hyperspace Mountain were closed. Like I said we went on nearly every ride, even the baby dumbo carousel! Do note that Disneyland Paris is definitely not for thrill seekers. I think the only ride that mildly had my adrenaline pumping was Big Thunder Mountain. But again the attention to detail on the rides especially for Peter Pan is what takes your breath away. Do check on the website before you visit to see which rides are closed to save disappointment.

The Disney Illuminations Entertainment – This is the nighttime show, they have in every Disney park. Fireworks and snippets of favourite Disney stories are displayed on Sleeping beauty’s castle. People will find a good place to watch it from, hours before it even starts! Trust me when I say it is worth finding a good spot. I loved watching all of the children’s faces, and actually even the adults. It is truly magical and takes you back to when you were a kid and believed in magic… Ok yes, I am aware of how cheesy that sounded but its true! Anyone who says it didn’t pull at the heart strings must be made of stone!

So the big question is, would I recommend visiting Disneyland Paris? Yes I would. But find a cheap ticket, go when it’s not peak season and check that the rides are working.

By the way did you like my outfit? Can you tell I love putting my Minnie ears on!

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