A DAY TRIP SOUTH OF TOKYO: In Enoshima & Kamakura

Excited for a nice cultural day trip from central Tokyo? Then look no further! Just a little south of Tokyo in the region of Enoshima/Kamakura is all you need. Firstly we bought our Enoshima-Kamakura Freepasses for 1,470 yen each (£10) hopped on the train from Shinjuku and just over an hour later arrived at Enoshima Island. Just a short walk over a bridge we hiked the foresty hill to explore the collective of shrines known as Enoshima shrine. We recommend you wear your comfiest walking shoes because there are a ridiculous amount of steps. There are escalators you can use but you have to pay for each one! Yes… each one. Once at the top of the hill the views are incredible and you can enjoy them at the few restaurants located here. We made our way to Love bell, which is an incredibly romantic spot overlooking the ocean. Couples ring the bell together then leave a padlock with their names on it to symbolise their eternal love. Of course we rang the bell might I add pretty loudly because John is heavy handed and tried to deafen me! Enoshima is known for being a romantic island and most of the people we saw were couples, but do you know why?




Well of course you’ve heard the myth, you know the one with the unruly five headed dragon that fell in love with the Goddess then changed his ways. Its a classic, like most men they need a woman who can keep them grounded and in check haha..

We whizzed round Enoshima Island pretty quickly and headed to Kamakura which is a 20 min train ride away. Feeling peckish we spent more time than we should have at Komachi-Dori trying all the delicious street foods we could find. Komach-Dori is the main shopping street in Kamakura and very easy to find, just head to the red Tori gate when you exit the station (east exit). This was the first time we tried fried sweet mashed potato and it was amazing. Like we mentioned before in Japanese culture, sweet potato is rumoured to be the secret to longer life (Japanese people live the longest in the world) and it tastes ridiculously good, so whenever we saw anything sweet potato, you bet our lives on it we tried it! We also got a chance to try Japanese sweets, love that you can watch how food is made here in Japan we don’t really have that kind of culture back in London.



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