by Jenna Jarrett




As you may have noticed, I am still very new to this strange but interesting world of blogging. Up until recently, I actually hadn’t met any female bloggers!… that was until a few Sundays ago. I had the most amazing Sunday roast and it wasn’t just because of the yummy food at Brasserie Blanc but also the lovely company.

I reached out to fellow bloggers that I admired based here in London to ask for their support, and to my surprise they agreed.

I’m my most confident when I feel comfortable so opted to wear my new silky pyjama-like suit (by Zara) with my trusty Muji sneakers. I comfortably but cautiously made the journey to meet the girls for a spot of Sunday brunch.

Instantly I was put at ease by their welcoming personalities and was taken back by how open and helpful they actually were. We had so much fun that annoyingly I forgot to take photos of everything so just have a few to show. 

I do consider myself a ‘girls, girl’ but actually am wary when meeting women because quite honestly i’ve not had pleasant experiences. For some reason I feel theres always a sense of competition and comparisons. Most times I feel like i’m being stung by a smiling jellyfish. Catty comments and negativity are not my cup of tea.
I’m so happy that I did leave my comfort zone because it restored my faith in sisterhood and am now excited to meet others who are supportive and positive.

This quote really rang true to me after meeting the ladies:

‘A flower does not compare itself to the flowers around it, it just blooms’

My blog and my social media’s sole purpose is to connect with others, otherwise what is the point? I would be rambling to myself, like I sometimes do in real life! haha, kidding (not kidding) So please don’t be shy to reach out and know that I truly do appreciate your support.

Oh by the way, the food was delicious. I was sceptical because i’ve never had a French version of a Sunday roast but it was a real treat to eat. I chose the cherry orchard pork with scrumptious green apple sauce which I highly recommend. We went to the one based on Charlotte Street but the restaurant has a few locations in London you should try out.

Be sure to check out the girls accounts @shelleyannem @styleminimalism @taniabdarling @fashionisminepassion @stylechine. They have great content and are such a lovely bunch so don’t be shy to connect with them either!



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