Is it bad that I actually can’t remember the actual date John proposed to me?! It was only two years ago on a rainy, cold Saturday in April. I woke up feeling not so great and wanted to spend the day inside. John however had other plans and insisted we go out to Kew gardens. On any other day I would have jumped at the chance because I absoultely love it there, but like I told him on that day “no way, its too far and its cold!”. In hindsight of course if I had known he was wanted to propose there I would have gone! So instead he suggested getting lunch from borough market…

As we grabbed a bite to eat and strolled around the market we came across the street with all the colourful umbrellas (see images here) John was disappointed because he thought that it wasn’t as nice as it looked in photos. Later he told me he planned on proposing there! He said he wanted to walk about London more and knew a nice place we could go but honestly like I mentioned before I was not in the mood and wanted to go home. After a lot of persuasion I caved in and after a 15 minute walk we found ourselves outside St Dunstans in the East. Its a small lovely garden located in the ruins of a gothic church. BUT it was actually closed for construction on the day we visited! Poor John right! When we finally got to visit (last week!) I said that it would have been a beautiful place to propose… oh well! John was of course again so disappointed and I remember saying “it doesn’t matter, we’ll come back another day” but he was annoyed, which is so unlike him as he is always such a easy going person. By this point I thought we were done for the day and again wanted to go home. When he said he wanted to walk along the river thames which was close by I of course didn’t understand why and started to moan! Again he insisted and I agreed through gritted teeth, complaining the whole time that I was tired, it was freezing, my hair was a mess blah blah blah…






I finally shut up when we saw that beautiful view of Tower Bridge and asked if he wanted me to take his photo. First he said no but then he quickly changed his mind. I went to take his photo on my phone but like usual I had run out of memory. I asked him to give me his phone and as he did he said “Oh here take this as well” placing a vintage ring box in the palm of my hand. I was caught so off guard that it didn’t really register what it was for a few seconds and I actually continued to try and take his photo!! Then of course ‘the penny dropped’ and my whole body started shaking! All I could say was “are you serious?” I must’ve said that like a hundred times before he had to sit me down on the bench, open the box for me and say “so is it a yes then?”. Yes I cried ALOT! He had to hold me for a good while before I calmed down somewhat.

So as you can gather, it wasn’t the dream scenario that every girl imagines her proposal would be. It wasn’t a beautiful day as in, the weather was quite awful, I was moaning the whole day. My outfit wasn’t that great nor was my hair or makeup. But as sappy as it sounds, reminiscing now, it was great how un-perfect it was. And it kinda sums up our relationship. I don’t think we’ll ever be the glossy couple with the amazing youtube videos with grand proposals, with swans and helicopters etc thats just not us. We’re more low-key and ‘real’ (no offence to those who like to do things big!)

Anyways, so when I had to decide the co-ordinates to have etched on my beautiful silver bangle by Sally Clay, I could not think of a more sentimental place then where we got engaged. Honestly every time I look at it, its a reminder of how not everything needs to be ”perfect’  and also not to moan so much haha! It also makes a for a great personalised gift, click the link here to see notonthehighstreet.

What I Wore
Scotch & Soda draped blazer | Zara Denim shorts | Beara Beara ‘Julie’ backpack
Co-ordiante Bangle


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