I have been with my gorgeous hubby for nearly 8 years! (does that warrant an exclamation mark?) I’ll be honest and say apart from when we travel we really are homebodies. On most nights you’ll find us cooking and watching movies. As cheesy as it sounds it doesn’t matter what we decide to do, we generally have a lovely time regardless just because we’re together. But saying all that we know that it is very important to keep the relationship ‘alive’ and try to make a conscience effort to plan a proper date as much as we can.
Even though we live in London, a city that has endless places to go and things to do, sometimes we do feel a bit lost when deciding what to do. I thought it would be great to share date ideas here on the blog. Hopefully you will find this series helpful regardless of your relationship status.

So to kick it off we went to the London Zoo last week.I actually bought the ‘meet the animals experience’ for John’s birthday last year and we only just got round to going! I was secretly hoping he would choose to feed the penguins so was a wee bit bummed when he chose the giraffes.But to my surprise we ended up having tons of fun and I’m so happy he picked the giraffes. It was a little gross because they do dribble ALOT haha! But there is no denying they’re such beautiful animals. Apparently it freaks them out to be touched but hey, totally understandable I don’t like strange people touching me either!

I think the zoo does make for such a great date. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for a while. Being around nature, especially animals is very calming and gives you a chance to experience something out of the norm, together.
I’m sure if you’ve grown up in London like I have you’ve probably visited the zoo a few times but its always nice to experience it with somebody new, right? You can turn up the romance factor and make a yummy packlunch (which I planned on doing but didn’t have the time, so grabbed sandwiches from Pret instead) If you have the money I do recommend booking the meet the animals experience. There was an experience that involved lions! I did think about it for about all of 2 seconds then remembered I’m not about that life haha.

Do keep posted for more date ideas and don’t be shy to recommend some to me!



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