Looking through my wardrobe whilst writing this, I can say that barring my olive bomber jacket, green isn’t a colour i fill it with. Its not like I dislike the colour but i guess its not a colour catches my eyes when shopping. I’m assuming the same goes for many of you? Nonetheless when i tried on this skirt and jacket from Samsoe Samsoe… i thought… hmm this could work!
The jacket, made from lambs leather is soo soft and honestly comfortable to wear. Unlike some of my other leather jackets, its not rigid or restrictive. I can actually move my arms freely!
Anyways i thought it was perfect paired with this vertical striped skirt that looks gorgeous when the wind is blowing.

I… like most, am obsessed with that Scandi style. From their minimalist fashion to contemporary home interiors I absolutely love the whole aesthetic. Copenhagen-based brand Samsoe Samsoe do this so well. Just have a look at their website I feel I could wear anything and still feel so stylish, but at the same time; effortless.

So have I inspired you to go green? I’m not talking recycling or being healthy, ermm although I guess you should probably do those things anyways… But next time you’re out shopping, don’t shy away from those spring green hues. Go on… make your friends green with envy… Sorry had to… couldn’t resist the pun!

J xx

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