When I see girls in London wearing skirts or dresses without tights on and its not summer, i’m thinking just one thing “aren’t you cold?!”. Then I reminisce to the days when I would stand outside a club for ages wearing very little, even in the winter. How did I do it? I really don’t know, well possibly it was the few glasses of alcohol I would usually consume before leaving the house! But now the mere thought makes me shiver. Maybe because i’m older now but i would choose comfort over style any day. Im the girl whose wearing two pairs of tights on with thick socks underneath my mom jeans for most of the year. I do not like feeling the cold. But last weekend a miracle happened, the sun was shining and the temperature increased a few degrees. Enough so to tempt me out of the house wearing my denim skirt.

I’ll be honest as soon as I left the house I felt nervous. I couldn’t stop looking down at my legs the same way Aerial did in The Little Mermaid. They hadn’t been exposed to sunlight in months and had forgotten what the wind felt like…Ok, I know I’m being over dramatic but you get the picture and will probably understand if you are a Londoner. Although i have to say maybe I was a bit hasty with my outfit choice because I did start feeling the cold as the day went on. I was shivering when taking these photos (yes get your violin out!) so much so, I cancelled my plans to stay out for the rest of the day and retreated home to jump into my fleece pj’s. I do plan on living in London for many years so maybe I just need to build up my tolerance to the cold, right? Keep posted to see if I can 🙂

Skirt, shirt, boots & handbag all from Zara

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