As you will get to know me through this blog you’ll soon come to discover that i’m an absolute creature of comfort! When I first started dating John I used to wear the highest heels and the shortest and tightest skirts. Don’t judge me… I’m a Hackney girl at heart and that was back in them uni days after all. Thank God after a while I realised that he wasn’t at all interested in what I wore and that I could have much more fun if I wore clothes I was actually comfortable in. And no, i don’t mean let’s whip out the velour tracksuits and furry Uggs.

Anyways this look is so totally me. Mom jeans paired with possibly the cutest slippers i’ve ever worn in my life, and my fave leather jacket. Not only am I feeling 100 % comfortable and ready to stroll around London but damn at least i don’t feel like a troll walking next to my husband… #ProblemsFacedWhenYourHusbandsAStylist




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