… from another galaxy” I kid you not Jamaqirui’s song was on replay in my mind the entire day whilst wearing this outfit! I realise that this style may not be for everyone but sometimes I feel I need to jump out of my jeans and into something a bit more fun. It started with a pretty dress but then not wanting to look too cute I added an edge with my biker jacket , then whilst deciding which shoes to go for I thought to myself “go on, go all out and brighten up this gloomy day in London”. Off course I got my fair share of looks from strangers but thats probably because I was unintentionally blinding them with my reflective style! I really admire people who wear what they want, this was actually one of the initial attractions when I met my husband. He has always had such a unique sense of style. He used to wear the brightest colours, with neckerchiefs, massive geek glasses and metallic trainers with wings on them! Bearing in mind this was 2009 before all this was deemed fashionable. As I walked toward him I couldn’t help but smile and my first impression was ‘whoa this guy looks interesting and damn he really doesn’t care what others may think”. Its funny because if you met him you would know that he isn’t loud or attention seeking in the slightest. He just wears what he likes and thats it. Not for others but for himself and that inspires me greatly. These days I dress for myself.


Dress from Topshop | Jacket, shoes & bag all Zara

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